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Why Game Of Thrones Fans Should Read George R.R. Martin’s Fire And Blood Before House Of The Dragon Season 2

Why Game Of Thrones Fans Should Read George R.R. Martin’s Fire And Blood Before House Of The Dragon Season 2

While waiting for House of the Dragon Season 2, fans should check out George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood!

House of the Dragon – Central Characters Breakdown & Why You Should Read GRRM’s ‘Fire & Blood’

A quick breakdown of the major characters to be featured in ‘House of the Dragon’ based upon George R.R. Martin’s ‘Fire & Blood’.

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Should You Read Fire & Blood Before Watching House of the Dragon? | Game of Thrones Prequel

In this video, I make some points for and against reading Fire and Blood before House of the Dragon premieres on August 21.

Lawyer-gamer analyzes historic NEW system-neutral RPG license news! No more D&D OGL: ORC will rise!

I analyze Paizo’s historic announcement, comment on recent developments, and call on creators and TTRPG players to support the ORC!

YouTuber Indestructoboy this morning called today “D-Day,” because of the expectation that WOTC would publish it’s horrible new “OGL” that will try to shut down all other companies publishing for D &D. Today truly was a “D-Day,” but for an even more apt reason: the announcement of a new system-neutral, community-owned OPEN gaming license that the community can rally around to become independent from WOTC!

The new license would mean that all who publish their RPG content under it make it available for future companies to use, like the current OGL 1.0a does. And it will NOT be revocable and will be owned by no company; the plan is to give it to a nonprofit foundation (like the Linux Foundation). If the final text delivers on this promise, it DRAWS A LINE IN THE SAND against WOTC, and ALL who support open gaming should support systems who publish under it.

Link to Paizo’s announcement:
Tweet with images of the announcement:
Roll for Combat’s interview with OGL co-creator Ryan Dancey:
“Defend the OGL” Discord server:

Support all the publishers who will be working to establish the ORC, including Paizo, Kobold Press, Green Ronin, Legendary Games, Roll for Combat, and Rogue Genius Games. The list will surely grow!

0:00 The news!
0:56 Recent developments preceding the ORC
4:14 Reading Paizo’s announcement
10:21 Analysis starts
10:57 What is open gaming?
12:24 Why the OGL 1.0a is irrevocable
15:18 RPG publishers should collaborate on the ORC
17:03 Publishing under the ORC safely from WOTC
19:40 What about OSR, 3e, PF1, and 5e third-party content?
21:02 What we can look forward to
22:02 Calls to action
23:55 Final thought

INFO ON MY FAVORITE SYSTEM, PATHFINDER 2E, an RPG that will be published under the ORC!

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George R. R. Martin Answers Fan Questions

George R. R. Martin answers burning fan questions, from favorite characters to television adaptations. Excerpted from a livestream event to celebrate the Targaryen Dynasty and the release of his book THE RISE OF THE DRAGON.

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