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House Of The Dragon Totally Swapped Actors During The Finale And No One Seemed To Notice

House Of The Dragon Totally Swapped Actors During The Finale And No One Seemed To Notice

House of the Dragon sneakily swapped out actors during the finale, and no one seemed to notice.

10 Times The Loud House Wasn’t Meant For Kids

10 The Loud House moments that were a bit too much for kids.
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“The Loud House” is a popular cartoon that kids all over the world enjoy. The show is even shown in the UK. But even though the show is made for kids, there are some times where it is super inappropriate. Here are 10 Times the Loud House Wasn’t Meant for Kids.

For instance, there are a lot of times where the creators of the show will have the characters almost curse and then they will add something to interrupt the curse words. Sometimes it’s subtle and then other times, like in the episode “In Tents Debate,” when Lola’s mouth had to literally be covered so she wouldn’t call her brother a curse word, it’s not so subtle.

Whether it’s cursing or inappropriate jokes, there are a lot of things that the show includes that are not suitable for kids! Stay tuned to 10 Times the Loud House Wasn’t Meant For Kids to find out which scene had us wondering if we could ever watch the show again!

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GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK Ending Explained | Video Game Breakdown, Secret Ending, Theories & Review

GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK Ending Explained | Video Game Breakdown, Secret Ending, Theories & Review. We recap, review, and explain God of War Ragnarok. We recap the first God of War 2018, how it sets up Ragnarok, along with the different endings to the game, and the easter eggs that might tell us where the next God of War goes.

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Alright, so God of War Ragnarok is now out, and the Blades of Chaos have never looked better going up against the Norse pantheon, the plumpy Thor, and his almighty (Meall-neer) Mjölnir. What aye shocker! But in this video we’re gonna briefly recap the previous game, discuss the couple different endings, our theories for the next game, along with our reaction and review of this new installment in the God of War franchise.

Let’s not waste any time, because Ragnarok is on its way. Now if you enjoy the video, then Leviathan ax throw at that like button as it helps the channel, and also don’t forget to subscribe for breakdowns, reviews, and recaps like this every day.

With that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this, I’m Jared, now let’s get into God of War Ragnarok.

You seems like a calm and reasonable person… Are you a calm and reasonable person?

Before we dive into all of the destruction of Ragnarok, let’s go over a brief recap of the ending of God of War 2018. Essentially the main mission was to spread Faye’s ashes, Kratos wife and Atreus’s mother, on the tallest peak in all of the nine realms. This happens to be in Jotunheim, the home of the giants. Along the way though, Atreus and Kratos get into all sorts of scrambles, resulting in a dead Baldur, they made pebbles of him, which upsets Freya, his mother, pledging wrath upon the two of them.

But if we fast forward to the ending, the pair discover a mural in Jotunheim that illustrates Atreus’s life, a prophecy of events of the game thus far. Revealing that Faye had been a giant,name Laufey, therefore making Atreus half giant and half Greek God, and that the giants had referred to him as “Loki”… Surprise… But as Atreus walks away, Kratos notices a hidden portion of the prophecy, depicting the death of himself, either by Atreus or with Atreus.

So with it now being revealed Atreus is the trickster god, Loki, the two head back to their home in the forest. With Mimir mentioning it is the start of Fimbulwinter

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House of the Dragon Actor Insults Fans Over Show Changes

House of the Dragon Actor once again attacks fans and critics for rejecting the needless change to long established characters in game of thrones and house of the dragon

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House of the Dragon | Vhagar kills Lucerys and Arrax (Final Scene)

Check out the final scene of the leaked episode 10 of HBO MAX’s “House of the Dragon”!

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